Organic Waste Processing

Compost your food waste either in your premises or ours.

Organic Waste Processing - On Site Composting

On Site Composting

Solid waste management Rules of 2016 state that all bulk waste generators are responsible for composting their own organic waste.

Our on site composting solutions are customized as per your requirements. They are space-efficient, budget-friendly, require less manpower and use natural processes to turn our organic waste into black-gold.

If you are a residential community/ corporate/ educational institution or hotels, we set up on-site composting systems for you.

We even offer compost purchase programs if you have excess compost, We also provide home composting solutions for people looking to compost in their homes.

Off-site composting

Due to space, budget or labor constraints, if on-site composting solutions are not for you, we collect your wet organic waste daily and compost them for you for a fee. We also offer half the compost to you for free.

Join hands with us today and keep your precious organic waste out of the landfills.

Organic Waste Processing - Off Site Composting



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