Dry Waste Collection

If you’re a corporate/ tech park/ residential community/ educational institution looking to handle your dry waste responsibly, look no further. We offer collection of your dry waste for responsible recycling.

Dry Waste Collection in hyderabad corporate


We offer regular dry waste collection from your premises, followed by comprehensive reporting through our customized dashboard to enable design changes and waste reduction efforts. From employee awareness programs to training staff on better segregation, we leave no stone unturned to help you reach your recycling goals. Come partner with us and take your organizations’ sustainability goals a step further today.

We specialize in SEZ campus dry waste management and are compliant with all labor and environmental laws.

All your dry waste collection reaches authorized recyclers and maximum traceability and accountability is ensured.


Segregation awareness workshops for residents and staff training are included. We collaborate with facility managers, maids and service staff, volunteers and the association to implement seamless waste collection systems.

Wherever you are on your waste management journey, let us meet you there and guide you further. From small villa communities to high-rise complexes, we’ve successfully set up dry waste collection systems that are easy to implement and most importantly consistent.

All your Dry Waste Collection reaches authorized recyclers and maximum traceability and accountability is ensured.

Waste Recycle at recidences
Waste Recycle Training at Educational Institutions


Transform your waste management programs into an opportunity for learning. We include students in your waste management efforts through workshops and field-trips.

We also provide data-driven waste collection systems that help you with accreditation and certifications while keeping your dry waste out of the landfill.



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