MY GREEN BIN – Compost for a Cleaner Tomorrow

■ Reduce waste at source by 80%.
■ Convert kitchen and garden waste into compost in 5 weeks.
■ Use compost as planting media and compost tea as insecticide for plants.
■ NO foul smell.
■ Bin is designed to for natural aeration, no need to turn the pile.

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How it works?

Step 1: Add organic waste

Step 2: Add composter powder

Step 3: Repeat the process and sandwich layers of food waste until bin is full. Start adding food waste in second bin.

Step 4: Keep the full bin aside for 5 weeks. Collect Compost Tea from the tap, to use as a bio-booster for plants or natural toilet cleaner.

Step 5: After 5 weeks, collect compost to use as planting media and re-use the bin.

Step 6: Congrats, you’ve created compost tea and compost out of food waste! Never throw food waste again.

A Green Bin for Everyone!

Family Bins

• 25 L – Family of 3
• 50 L – Family of 4-7
• 120 L – Family of 8-10

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Community Bins

• 250 L – Upto 20 families
• 400 L – 20 to 40 families
• 600 L - 40 to 60 families
• 800 L – 80 to 100 families

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Institutional Bins

• 1000 L – 50-75 kg/day
• 2000 L – 175-200 kg/day
• 3000 L – 350-400 kg/day

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All your answers in one place

If your question isn't listed below, please contact us

  • Q. What can we put in our bin?

      You can add food scraps, leftover food, egg shells, flowers, leaves and twigs from your garden, chicken bones and meat, fruit peels and waste.

  • Q. What should we avoid in our bin?

      Avoid liquids like sambar, strain out liquids before adding food waste. Avoid coconut shells. If using institutional bins, use a shredder to ensure proper composting. Avoid toxic, plastic and medical wastes.

  • Q. How can we use our compost?

      You can use the compost a soil-less planting media or add it to the soil to add nutrients and improve water retention capacity of the soil. Why use chemical fertilizers when you can make your own?

      If you have bulk compost from your institutional bins, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll help you find a partner to buy your compost.

  • Q. What is Compost tea and how can we use it?

      Compost Tea is the leachate generated during the composting process. Use the tap to collect Compost Tea in a container and dilute it to spray on plants. It acts as insect repellent and strengthens plants. Healthy plants = Happy plants!

  • Q. How many bins do we need?

      You will need 2 bins of a capacity of your choice. Once the first bin is filled, keep it aside and start filling the second bin. The bins are designed such that by the time the second bin fills up, the compost is ready in the first one. Collect your compost, rinse and repeat!

  • Q. Is there a foul smell from the bin?

      Follow the do’s and don’ts, remember to layer with the Composter powder and collect Compost Tea every 3 days. Your bin will be stench-free. The compost and compost tea have an earthy smell.

  • Q. What if I have a problem with using My Green Bin?

      Our service team will be ready to help you when you need. Keep calm and compost!